Action for Refugees in Lewisham

2017 - 2018

AFRIL is a charity in Lewisham, London, working with refugees and asylum seekers to relieve poverty and social isolation. AFRIL continue to help people in the local community each week - with education through their Rainbow Club Saturday School, family support services, and access to emergency supplies. I have been volunteering with them to update their promotional material since they have recently updated their logo.


The banner needed an updated look with AFRIL’s new logo.

For the banner, I wanted a simpler style to their previous one. I did this by adding icons in place of text and added a solid background colour to break up different parts of the text.

I chose the green colour as a colour for growth, life and safety. The photo shows an activity at the Rainbow Club with one girl looking directly at the camera, I liked this picture as it felt inviting to whoever is seeing the banner.


For my first project at AFRIL, I had to re-design their two main leaflets with their new updated logo.

The information leaflet highlights all the services that they offer as well as where to find the charity. I wanted to make the leaflet clear and concise so anyone, even someone who does not understand English could understand what the AFRIL does. If I was to re-do the leaflet, I think I would have made the fonts a bit smaller and tightened it all up a little bit but since it was my first time ever doing a printed leaflet, I wanted to air on the side of caution and make the font size a bit bigger.

The second leaflet was targeted more to people that would want to volunteer and donate to the charity. For this leaflet, I focused more on providing information about the charity and what they do. If I was to revise this brochure I would try and find better suiting images. Ones that better reflected what it is like to volunteer for AFRIL and try and add more testimonies.

Information Leaflet PDF
Volunteer Leaflet PDF