At my internship at a London based Start-up Incubator, where I oversaw the events that happened in the space, I was asked to redesign their poster that sits next to the entrance.

I had expressed my love for design with the small online banners for the upcoming events and made it a personal mission to make the quote chalk board beautiful every day. I also helped persuade to change the company website from an outdated and difficult to navigate one to a cleaner and sleeker design that would help everyone involved.

Originally, when I was asked to redesign the poster, it was for pricing purposes and I automatically copied the old design with the same photo and colours. When I asked around for feedback most people said it looked nice but then I was encouraged to think outside the box, what makes Launch22 unique and how it could tie in our logo of the spaceship.

I went for a dreamier feel instead of the previous corporate one. Which I thought better reflected the atmosphere and purpose of Launch22, and tied nicely with the spaceship logo.