Graphic Design • 2012

All of these pieces were made for my Graphic Design and Communication A Level, for which I attained a Grade A for my work. The ones shown were part of a module that was of Personal choice, these ones being inspired by James Dawe and Benjamin Savignac. I chose these artists since I loved their style and how they mixed photo collages with a digital aspect. The mixture of textures with colours was interesting to play around with and I thought the outcomes were very effective.


These were experimental pieces whilst learning Adobe Illustrator. I was interested in fluid lines, simple designs and creating my own drawing style. I focused on travel and portrait subjects.

For these, I exclusively used the pen tool. When first making these, I did not add enough different shades to the picture which made it quite flat (see 3rd piece). As I went along, I was more confident adding tones and happier with my style in Illustrator.