Walk In The Park Creative


Whilst I was volunteering for Walk In The Park Creative I worked on a few projects including: designing a marketing email, producing advertisement content for an event and planning a registration page.

For the marketing email I had to make it appeal to small business that would be looking for web and print design. I kept the design simple but informative and I tried to do the same with the custom icons I made. The banner and leaflet I made for a small comic con (below) was quite challenging because of the size they requested.

The banner was very large and it had to have a lot of information on it including their own art work, all the guests and ticket information. If I could re do the banner, I would make the font size of the exhibitions and ticket information smaller so it would be more in keeping with the font size of the art work.

During my time at Walk In The Park Creative, I learnt a lot about good communication because we could only communicate through email and Skype, this made it hard for me to ask quesions when I was confused about subjects I was not familiar with. I also learnt a lot about my own time keeping since we had very tight deadlines to adhere to.

Walk In The Park Creative